12/2 BB Incubator #KiloQ

20 pax strong at the Incubator the Monday after Thanksgiving!! YHC was not going to let the HIMs down, knowing they all showed up to burn off some of Grandmas pumpkin Pie. I think i was successful. Fanny Pack will love my watch stats, but they were pretty impressive yesterday.


Chapo, Dauber, DeepDish, Jitterbug, Lepew, Amelia, Iceman, BobRoss, Retainer, Dynomite, DryRub, Wapner, Huggies, Cochran, BackFlop, BuzzSaw, StickUp, Jolly Rancher, Pelican, Kilo


started with 10 BOYO. followed by some SSH IC. Then hit the exercises of the day

10. 8 ct. body builders- burpee with plank jack in the middle all IC

10. Bonnie squats- jump lunge each leg followed by a squat.

10. Partner wheel barrel derkins – wheel barrel position pax does merkin other pax squats at same time

Mosey to the 64 bridge and keep your partner



do the 10 rep set above with your partner.

grab a rock and run to the top of the bridge for 10 Rockeys

run back under the bridge. Repeato!

at 0610 we finished with a native american run back to the flags for COT


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