Back-Blast- 12/2/19 The Silo at North Posh

PAX- Viking, Speedbump, Carlton, Dunphy, Milton (Q)

Weather: Lower to mid thirties,  a little drizzle/snow here and there, all in all a pretty nice little Monday!

Coming off the Thanksgiving weekend, and knowing the North has been known to be run heavy at times, I decided to keep that theme to run off a few beers, I mean, calories from the Holidays. Normal 5:30 start after Carlton came running in hot and we got started.

COP: 25 SSH, 15 Grass Grabbers, 15 Imperial Walkers, some plank running stretches, 10 BOYOS

Thang 1: Kept it simple, a nice Mosey on the pavement trails for about a mile and a half south headed to the 64 overpass.  Upon arrival, but who did we see, t’was the Southies getting after it under the overpass, t’was a beautiful sight to see!

Under the Bridge, completed some single set exercises in the following order (I think): 10 BOYOS, 25 SSH, 25 Big Boys, 25 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 BOYOS.

Thang 2: Make the turn and moseyed back up the trail.  We made a pit stop at the parking lot at the bottom of the hill, and knocked out 50 Dips.  Moseyed on to the top of the hill, dropped down for 10 more BOYOS, and continued back to the beautiful silos with a whopping 2 minutes to spare, so we finished up with 10 BOYOS and 25 SSH.

COT- Saturday Ruck announcements, intentions, and thanked PAX for making it out with me.  Reminded PAX to continue to be grateful and show gratitude as we get back into the thick of it after the Holiday and finished with an Our Father.  Until next time!





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