Gettin heavy with the wacker

December 15th 2019

Monday Heavy Vets

9 Hims

Raining around 30*

9 brave men showed up for a WeEdWaCkEr beatdown. Kilo, Plumb Bob, PK, Flounder, Starlight 💫 (my 2.0), Meatball, Tony Malito, Eto, Weedwacker. Kilo proceeded to waft his manliness on Plumb Bob with a quick realignment of the spine. Now with Plumb Bob erected we were ready to move.

No warm up needed we’re men! 9 stations 4 rounds at one minute with a 20sec rest.

Station 1 Plank Row (push up position held while rowing 🚣 with one arm alternating)

Station 2 Sandbag bent over row 🚣

Station 3 Jump Rope

Station 4 Single arm max row🚣

Station 5 Single arm max curl

Station 6 Band reverse fly

Station 7 Single arm concentration curl

Station 8 Big boys

Station 9 Power 7’s (dual free weight curl 7 lower half reps, 7 upper half reps, 7 full reps)

Ended workout with heavy panting and ⭕️ COT!

Published by WeEdWaCkEr

F3, Family first, f3 homerun derby champ😜

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