Gettin heavy with the wacker

December 15th 2019 Monday Heavy Vets 9 Hims Raining around 30* 9 brave men showed up for a WeEdWaCkEr beatdown. Kilo, Plumb Bob, PK, Flounder, Starlight 💫 (my 2.0), Meatball, Tony Malito, Eto, Weedwacker. Kilo proceeded to waft his manliness on Plumb Bob with a quick realignment of the spine. Now with Plumb Bob erectedContinue reading “Gettin heavy with the wacker”

2/25 Heavy MoMetal WeedWacker style

Baby got back, back and more back.  Not only did we move some iron but I robbed LA fitness at 4am to bring the heavy (just kidding🤣 or am I?).  9 Pax members including yours truly.  HotWheels, Pilgrim, Worm, LaunchPad, Kilo, Carlosé, Scuba Steve, Vacuum, WeedWacker.  It can be hard to get a good backContinue reading “2/25 Heavy MoMetal WeedWacker style”

BACK BLAST 12/7 VETS (Nest takeover)

20 pax showed up for what they thought was going to be a generic weedeater sold at your local dollar general.  Not today HIM!  We all got better with a good old fashion can of whoop a$$. Pax members: Kilo, Jolly Rancher, Gilligan, Alexa, Snowday, Bigbird, Snowday, Porkchop, Fungi, Le Pew, Worm,  Airplane, Fergie, Aerobie, Metermaid,Continue reading “BACK BLAST 12/7 VETS (Nest takeover)”

Backblast@ thechopper 8/31

The Dalai Lama, himself. Twelfth son of the Lama. The chopper was in the air on friday😅!  There were 19 PAX that showed up for the VQ beatdown! PAX: Worm, JollyRancher, Vincent, DoubleDown, TonyMalito, BackDraft, Jobu, Snowday, BigBird, ToolTime, OldBay,  Valdez, Thumbtack, Airplane, Kilo, Retainer, Porkchop, RihRih, WeedWacker(VQ) Since it was my VQ, I arrivedContinue reading “Backblast@ thechopper 8/31”