2/25 Heavy MoMetal WeedWacker style

Baby got back, back and more back.  Not only did we move some iron but I robbed LA fitness at 4am to bring the heavy (just kidding🤣 or am I?).  9 Pax members including yours truly.  HotWheels, Pilgrim, Worm, LaunchPad, Kilo, Carlosé, Scuba Steve, Vacuum, WeedWacker.  It can be hard to get a good back workout with no weight and flat ground so I thought I’d bring some heavy metal to big mo and give those guys a real back blast.  Workout included: Palm away pull ups, free weight dead lifts, bent over single arm rows, upright row, close grip row, heavy barbel row, chest rested reverse upright fly, good mornings, renegade rows, jump rope, lbc, big boys.  We all had fun and got better together!FEECFA45-474C-4140-8B1F-34C19AEF907E.jpeg

Published by WeEdWaCkEr

F3, Family first, f3 homerun derby champ😜

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