Stolen Q #rooster back blast

Q Nugget

Nugget Q
Mary Poppins
Glen Ross
Left eye
Larry Flynt
Deep dish
Country boy

It was colder than I would have liked when I awoke, but I knew that we would warm up quickly with the plagiarized weinke from Opera Ghost. I was reading a Flexington backblast and I knew we had to do it.

Gearlander: baselater of cold gear compression, gray shorts over the tights (as should be the rule), and a red F3 Louisville T.

Surprises cane early with Left Eye back on the Mutt turf. Beano back from hiatus. But maybe the most shocking was Tiger coming in 3 minutes early for my Q. I am humbled.

Disclaimed and short mosey to the parking lot near the portico (which should not be used to escape the elements, this isn’t the Posh).


Abe Vigoda IC

Kendra Newmans (coincidentally, Country boy showed up right after we completed these. He must’ve done them at home 😉)


Copperhead squats IC

Next, we counted off and then partnered up. P1 went to get a coupon while the rest planked awaiting their return.

The one and only Thang

P1 would do an exercise Dora counting style, while P2 ran down to the coupons and did 10 box jumps/step ups and 10 coupon squats and then ran back. Flapjack

300 coupon swings

300 overhead press

300 bench press

We had planned to so curls after this, but I wanted to mix in some Mary. We put away the coupons and headed to the flag for some LBC tabata using the steinl counting method. Each pax would count to 10 to create 8 rounds of 20 on, 10 off. I had no time so improvisation was the key.

We finished right at 615 and circled up.


Announcements about the ruck coming up and Angels in Disguise. I often speak of the faith in the pax, that they will be there for me when I Q it show up to a site to work out or whatever. But this time I felt I needed to speak on the faith that others have in us, and how we need to live up to that expectation. We failed Zima last week. He was there to Q, and we no showed. I’m sure there were many valid reasons, but I also believe that there were probably some of us that rolled over and stayed in the fartsack. I will admit, that I should have been there Wednesday. I have missed a couple weeks due to work, but I also have missed due to excuses. It’s time for me to live up to the responsibility and return the faith I have taken advantage of for almost 2 years. I ask that we all think about who we have given our word, bothe bother and in action, and live up to that.

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