Back Blast the Loco 1/7/2020

Today was originally scheduled to be Alex’s BDay Q. Unfortunately, he is under the weather. So YHC decided we will celebrate his birthday without him. 19 PAX: Brown Water, Mama’s boy, Asian Zing -R, Double Down-R, Hush puppy, Pelican, Dauber, Kimble, Holy Roller-R, Jerry Maguire-R, Jolly Rancher, Captain Crunchberry, Bubbles-FNG, Wildflower, PorkChop, Peach, Cratchit, PewPew, Airplane-Q

Conditions: 34 and clear. Nice day to work up a sweat. Disclaimer was given and we were off. Alexa will tell you he’s an a$$hole and like to start with a slaughter start…so -0 BOYO. Quick mosey around the lot and circle up for COP: SHH, toy soldiers, Abe Vigoda, grass grabbers, Kendra Newman’s, Michael Phelps. Lots of mumble chatter going on this am. Mama was a Chatty Cathy. So 5 more BOYO.

The one and only thang:

The Alexa board of pain: 5 exercises one for each letter of Alexa

A-Air Drama

L- L. L. Cool J

E – Eights (shoulder taps, Peter Parker’s, Plank Jacks, mahktar n’ diayes all done IC)

X – 4×4

A – Australian Snow Angles (woof)

Complete the list doing 5 reps of each. Run the island loop rinse and repeat adding 5 reps after each lap. This was hard.

COR, NOR, announcements Intensions, OUT! Always a pleasure to lead.


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