BackBlast – PeggyBaker BlackOps 1/7/2020 Abacus Q

5 strong PAX turned out for Abacus Q for this fantastic soon to be AO (if it’s not on the short list, someone needs a checkup from the neckup). YHC arrived about 10 minutes early to check out the lay of the land and work out the logistics of the Q. A quick lap around the 1/3 of a mile walking track provided the perfect opportunity for a 4 corner workout with a center station for pull-ups.

After a quick disclaimer, we warmed up with a burpee time bomb. PAX received as much rest as they could squeeze into their breathing. 10 burpees = 10 breathes. 9 burpees = 9 breathes. Etc. Then a mosey to the back lot for COP which began with Nuclears from 10 down. Feeling warm we cranked out some Imperial Walkers, Abe Vigota, Grass Grabbers, etc.

Then back to the walking track for a description of the THANG.

4 corners – corner 1: Copperhead Squats, corner 2: burpees, corner 3: Big Boy Sit-ups, and corner 4: merkins. Center of corners pull-ups. Since our group was small we stayed together.

We ended with COT, offered prayers for those in need and went on to smash the day! Accelerate men!

IMO long standing black ops should count equal to any and every other AO for Iron Horse. The goal should be getting out and getting better.

PAX – Bulletin (R), BackFlop, LePew, Cochran, Abacus(Q)

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