Back-Blast – The Agony @ The County – 1.16.20

It’s always nice to get back out to The County. I was looking forward to Thursday all week and I was not disappointed. In all, we 19 PAX. Here is who came out:

Scratch and Dent


Red Card

My Pleasure

Holy Roller (R)

Little Jerry (R)

Double Down (R)

Hush Puppy






Honey Do


Asian Zing (R)



Catfish (Q)


1/2 Lap around the school to the area behind the chapel

Grass Grabbers x 15 IC – Stay in Position – Stretch Right/Stretch Left/Stretch Middle

SSH x 25 IC

Downward Dog – LT over RT, RT over LT

Plank Jacks x 25 IC

25 Single Count Merkins

Mountain Climbers x 25 IC

10 Boyos

I’ve been on a Dora kick so I held suit. Here is what this iteration looked like:

5 Exercises w/ coupon: Swings, Squats, Shoulder Press, Sadies, Curls – 100 Reps of each

Exercise 1 – P1 starts knocking out reps – P2 Bear crawls out 50 yds, does 2 burpees, Bear crawls back

Exercise 2 – Hard run down to next island and back

Exercise 3 – Repeat what we did in Exercise 1

Exercise 4 – Repeat from Exercise 2

Exercise 5  – Repeat from 1 and 3

The PAX motored through this set and we returned the coupons and went to the playground. Go Ruck recently released a new PT Challenge or Merkins, Pull ups and Butterfly Sit-ups so we spent the last 8-10 minutes AMRAP’ing those in a rotating order EMOM.

Blessed to be able to lead and be a part of this group. Thank you to all who came out. Until next time County.



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