1/23/20 Backblast – The Firehouse BO

Today was off to a great start with Captain Crunchberry showing up with a new shovel flag for this location.  It was painted red to yellow as a flame and has a red flashing safety light attached. Super fitting for the firehouse and pretty darn cool.

Weather: Chilly but clear

Pax: Abacus, Captain Crunchberry, Backflop, Crock Pot, Fungi (Q)

Mosey from Parking Lot to Firehouse lot



20 Seal Jacks IC

10 Grassgrabbers IC

Thang 1

Parking Spot Alphabet – 3 Merkins between each letter

Thang 2

2 laps around the block, second faster than the first (.6 miles total)

Thang 3

11s – Overhead press with Coupon on one end, squats on the other

These were 50 yards apart (slide to 25 middle on way down, 1 burpee, face different direction), on way back, bernie to middle, 1 burpee and mario rest of way.

Thang 4

Partner 1 sprints down and back 50 yards

Partner 2 holds Plank round 1, Al Gore with coupon round 2, curl round 3 and overhead press round 4

COT – Announcements and Intentions



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