FIRST EVER – Poker at Backflops F3 “free to lead” event- Saturday 2/29/20, 7PM

Ever get that itch to say why not? I will be a father for a 3rd time in April and what better way than to have an F3 event at my place (some might call it a babymoon)? I would love to have all you HIM’s over at my place. I’m inviting all of you to a poker tourney at my place on Saturday, 2/29/20 @ 7PM. Details below:

$20 buy-in

$5 rebuys for the first hour

10% of all proceeds go to a local charity (off the top) – TBD

65% for 1st place

25% for 2nd place

10% for 3rd place

I need your help with food! I will provide the meat. BBQ. And bread for sandwiches.

I need help with sides, chips, soft drinks, plates, plastic cups, napkins, forks/knives.

I will compile a spreadsheet and share it with the group.

Let’s make this an awesome winter festival and party like its 1999!

After all life is short and we must live our best lives now.

RSVP with me via text/slack so I know how many to plan for. (502) 619-0003

More to come- SYITG – Backflop

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