Back Blast 02/15/2020- Coach Dauber’s “Guilty Pleasures” Ladder Beatdown in The Nest @ The County

Since joining F3, I have heard the advice often that if there is an exercise you don’t like…do it…it will make you better.  I believe this is great advice.  However, I ignored it completely this morning as my guilty pleasures workout was chocked full of my favorite exercises.  We worked hard throughout but no one was feeling any pain as the playlist was also chocked full of my favorite guilty pleasure songs which clearly motivated everyone. 
PAX:  Pelican, Hush Puppy, Overflow, Double Down (R), Aerobie (R), 8-Track (FNG), Brown Water, Jolly Rancher, Captain Crunchberry, Colonel Klink, Focker, Meter Maid, Retainer, Trekkie (2.0), Le Pew, Mama’s Boy, Asian Zing, Cochran, Wide Right, Backflop, Dauber (Q)
A strong showing of 21 PAX gathered at 0700…disclaimer was given and acknowledged, YHC tried to figure out how to work a new Apple Watch (V-Day gift from the M), YHC got frustrated, and we moseyed to COP for SSHs, Grass Grabbers, Michael Phelps, Kendra Newmans, Plank Jacks, and Mountain Climbers.  If I knew how to work the Apple Watch it would have probably told me my heart rate was up, so we grabbed coupons and headed to the back lot for the Main Thang – “Guilty Pleasures” Ladder Beatdown.
It was a ladder workout with a bunch of exercises (Curls, BBSUs, Squats, Rows, Flutter Kicks, Jump Lunges, LBCs)…also a ton of ManMakers…blah blah blah. If you really want to know how awesome the beatdown was, here was the playlist…

Our Song (Taylor Swift) – no better way to start things off…I couldn’t help but sing along and the PAX realized I am not ashamed at all of my guilty pleasures favorites.

Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen) – Mama’s Boy may or may not call me later to DJ the St. Aloysius Father-Daughter Dance tonight.

Baby One More Time (Britney) – Retainer picked up his pace to double-time immediately as if I had just played the song request in his head.

Teenage Dream (Katy Perry) – By this point it was clear that my guilty pleasures playlist is just Cochran’s regular daily jam…I am seriously impressed.

Shake It Off (Taylor Swift) – I looked over at Double Down and he seemed to have more of a “shake his head” look than “Shake it off”, but he was liking it…I could tell…deep down

Love Story (Taylor Swift) – I think this was the point where Le Pew walked over to check the ladder board for the next exercise, and might have thought he was singing in his head…but it was out loud and it was a beautiful rendition of Taylor’s touching love story.

Blank Space (Taylor Swift) – Colonel Klink was killing the ladder exercises, but he took a brief pause to admit that he knows a lot more words to these songs than he realized.  He might have danced a little, but I wasn’t watching closely.

Bad Blood (Taylor Swift) –  If you can’t crank out ManMakers at a high rate with Taylor going gangsta, that’s a YOU problem.

Party In the USA (Miley Cyrus) – You know my hands were up when they were playing my song, and the PAX was just about wrapping up the ladder.

Mean (Taylor Swift) – Taylor sung us out as we completed the ladder and returned coupons.  Thankfully the PAX carried my coupon so I could keep the speaker with us the whole way.

Opps!…I Did It Again (Britney) – As we returned for a few minutes of Mary, Britney was back with us and Retainer was giddy.

We Are Never Getting Back Together (Taylor Swift) – this came on as we started to Plank out the final minute of Mary and EVERYONE sang along…only imperfection of the morning was calling time before Taylor was done, but we hustled to the flag for COT anyway.

After count-arama and name-arama, we saw Abacus and Little Jerry approaching after their 14 mile run (beasts) so they joined the COT for announcements and welcoming our newest FNG (8-Track).  We came together for intentions which focused on the tragedy yesterday that touches so many in the Louisville community.  Prayers for the family and friends of the two moms and daughters that lost their lives yesterday. We also prayed for those further away but dealing with the horror of the Coronavirus in China.  I shared a quote from an old church bulletin that was given to me way back in 8th grade – “With all its pain, heartache, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.”  We ended with an Our Father.
This morning was a blast…and I really do love all those songs.    – Dauber

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