Planetarium BackBlast – LePew Q – 2-18-2020

Today’s weather was wet and sloppy, but warm for February. 9 men showed up in the gloom of the Boondocks ready to take on the day. There wasn’t much mumble chatter before the workout began, but as soon as we circled up in the COP the Pax got after it.


  • Good Mornings – 11 count in cadence
  • Toy Soldiers – 20 in cadence
    • Abacus was kind enough to make mention that I can “toy soldier like a Rockette.” Although there were some sideways looks, we all knew what he meant by the compliment – we were crushing the toy soldiers
  • Nuclears – single count down from 7

We then moseyed for about a 1/5 of a mile to the coupons and prepared for the main event.

Thang: Tabada with focus on Core and Chest. Each exercise consisted of 8 sets AMRAP for 30 seconds with 10 second breaks. Every exercise was performed on the wet ground – the goal was to allow the PAX to enjoy the stars at the Planetarium, but instead they got to swim in the parking lot.

  1. Big Boys
  2. Coupon Press/Merkins
  3. Heel Touches
  4. Skull Crusher V-Ups (yes, these were awesome)
  5. Superman

After putting the coupons back, we all moseyed back to the flag where we circled up for the COT.

Intentions were given for Bus’ sister, and the families and loved ones of those who lost friends over the last week.

Thank you to all the guys that came out this morning – it was a wet, sloppy mess, but we all got better. I’m blessed to have led the workout, and hope everyone has an awesome day.

Giddy up!

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