Backblast from Big Kapowski 2/20

I had a wonderful time at my Bayside VQ.  With such great company, there wasn’t really any way around that, though.  Pax:  Charolais(R), Birdie, Thumbtack, SlideRule, MarlboroMan, Bulletin(R), AirSupply, Sadie, Squid, LePew, Glaucoma, Cochran.

I took advantage of the beautifully balmy February morning to tour the Bayside campus.  We warmed up with a half-mile run, then went into Good Mornings, SSH, Grass Grabbers, and some Downward Dog to get loose.

The Thang was a ladder workout, which consisted of completing set one, running down and back across the parking lot, then repeating set one, adding set two, and so forth.

10 Plank Jacks (cadence count)

20 Donkey Kicks (10 each leg)

30 Merkins

40 Jump Lunges (20 each leg)

All out sprint (approx. 40 yards), mosey back

60 Monkey Humpers

70 LBCs

*BONUS LAP if you finish early

We finished up with a one minute (and change) plank around the flag.

COT — These guys have a great set up that allows them to create absolutely any type of workout.  I see new faces whenever I go to Bayside, and it’s great to see how they’ve built such a great foundation out there.  Thanks for having me, and I’m looking forward to my next visit.



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