BackBlast: Bayside BO 2/26/20

It was a perfect February morning for a return to the gloom after a short hiatus. 5 HIMs indulged me for my return Q that was simple and taxing. Here are the details:


Banana Bread (Q)
Fanny Pack (R)
Slide Rule

A quick mosey around the parking lot with some side shuffles and high knees had me sucking wind already. I knew it was going to be a long morning.


SSH (IC) x25
Heel stretch
Abe Vigodas (IC) x15
Imperial walkers (IC) x15
Michael Phelps and other random stretching

Quick mosey to grab a coupon and then to the football field

The Thang:

Circuit work (4 sets per circuit)

Circuit 1:

25 coupon curls
80 yd run
25 Merkins
80 yd run

Circuit 2:

25 overhead press
80 yd run
25 squats
80 yd run

Circuit 3:
25 upright rows
40 yd run
25 LBCs
40 yd run

Walked the coupons back and moseyed to the parking lot for COT


Count o Rama
Name o Rama

Good to be back!

-Banana Bread

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