BB – 2.25.2020 The Cliffs @ The Garden

It never ceases to amaze me. Every time I post, no matter where it is, there’s someone there that inspires me with their hard work, their dedication to get better. Are there always multiple men ITG that are pushing to get better, absolutely. But I am talking about that one, you can just see in his face that he is pushing through the pain, the nagging injury, the tired, the stuff he’s dealing with at home, at work, to get up, get out, and get better. Tuesday was absolutely no exception. Thank you to all of you that motivate me, inspire me, and others to get better, both ITG, and after.

Now, to the WO. 5:29 hit and I started the disclaimer. This is also the time that Motorboat strolled up with a little bit of swagger ready to dominate the day, and he did. I reminded the PAX that I was not a professional. I had no formal training and that they should feel to modify as needed.

Nice and Slow
Wide Right
Jewel – Q

Weather – pleasantly warm for late February. Wet, but thankfully not raining.

I had two weinkes laid out… thankfully there was no rain, so we went with Plan A, Camp St. Patrick will have to wait for another day.

SSH IC x 30
Abe Vigodas IC x 15
Grass Grabbers IC x 10
Downward Dog -> R/L -> Runners stretch
Downward Dog -> L/R -> Runners stretch oppo

After warm-up we took a short mosey to the lower lot close to Bristol where the first weinke was so eloquently laid out on cardboard.

Thang 1: We divided up the lower lot by the parking medians. There are 2…which gave us 3 exercises.
1. Bear Crawl
2. Lunges
3. Bernie Sanders
We did these up and back…twice.

Thang 2: Coupons with a dash of the Hill of Stolen Souls
4 parts coupon exercises, 1 part hill run
1. 25 curls
2. 25 Tricep overhead extensions
3. 15 Lion Kings
4. 10 Manmakers
Run to the dumpster and back
Rinse and repeat for 2 total rounds

Since that hill crushed me every time, I thought we should all tackle it one more time…together. So we took off on a mosey up the hill and around the front part of the school to the bottom of the entrance hill (which I am sure has a name) for some suicides. I planned to just do these 2 times, but UofL played like hot garbage Monday night for the last 15 minutes, so why not run suicides for 15 minutes.

Thang 3- Using the speed bumps, we ran suicides up the hill and back. Sprinkled in 20 merkins at the bottom, and it was pretty much a miserable experience for all involved. I even heard Nice and Slow breathing heavy. WIN! We completed this 3, maybe 4 times (pretty sure I blacked out at some point). There was however enough time for one last sprint up the hill. So we gathered together and took off for one last round.

6:15 on the nose.

We circled up, no intentions were spoken, I thanked the men for the always humbling opportunity to lead a WO. For the trust put in me to make it worth their time and effort. I left them with a lyric from one of my favorites, John Bell of Widespread Panic, “Go put your work clothes on, go and leave your mark.” It’s an ever present theme in most of the concluding discussions we have in F3. Go leave your positive mark on the day.

As always, thanks for the opportunity.


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