BB The Ruiner @ The O 2.29.2020

Started out the morning with the realization the the leap year ruck was already taking casualties. At 7 o’clock, our party of three got to work.

QIC: Squid

PAX: Violet and Tron

Disclaimer was stated and we went for a little mosey to get warmed up.

We made our way to the tennis courts for some stretches. SSH, grass grabbers, downward dog and runner stretches, arm circles and Michael Phelps.

The Thang: Each exercise consisted of a mode of travel along with an exercise at increments marked out by the tennis court lines. The plan was travel to first line, exercise x 5, Bernie Sanders back, travel to next line, exercise x 10, mosey back, travel to the next line, exercise x 15, Bernie Sanders back, travel to the fourth line, exercise x 20, mosey back. After the first 10x round an audible was called and we did reps of 5, 10, 10 and 5.

  • Travel – exercise
  • Bear crawl – Walmart Burpees
  • Duck walk – Smurf Jacks
  • Dragon walk – Absolution
  • Inch worm – marionettes
  • Frog hop – monkey jumpers

The circuit was finished, the PAX was gassed and gratitude was expressed for the audible. We finished up with cut a flip. Instead of only doing weak sauce standard merkins; we did wide grip, standard, diamond and sphinx merkins. In all we got 40 big boys and 10 if each type of Merkin.

We closed out with some cool down stretches, counterama, nameorama and COT. Intentions were stated and we prayed it out. In the end, we got a full body workout, tried out new exercises and found mission accomplished. some muscles that hadn’t been worked in a while. Great job gentleman!

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