Backblast Temple Of Gloom 3/5/20

It had been a while since I had Q’d at the O.  I made sure I had this one in my rotation for the Iron Horse Challenge.  On a side note, there was no playing with anyone’s balls in this workout. (See Viking)

PAX(12): Grinder, Tron, Loco, Russdiculous, Violet, Cookie, Vincent(R), Jitterbug(R), TicTok(FNG)(R) , Jewel, Frankenbaby, Plumb Bob (Q)

The Workout: Simple ladder.  Start at the first sideline on the tennis court and do the first exercise. Run to the second sideline for the second exercise and Bernie Sanders back to the beginning.  Continue on to the third sideline all the way to the far side of the fourth court.  Once you reached the top of the ladder, work your way back down.

  1. 5 Merkins
  2. 10 Lunges
  3. 15 Squats
  4. 20 American Hammers
  5. 25 Big Boys
  6. 30 Overhead Press
  7. 35 Curls
  8. 40 Bench Press

This took the entire entire time with most everyone either finishing or coming very close.

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