BackBlast, 3/9/20 – The Incubator at South Posh

17 of us got after it in what felt like a 4:30 a.m. start time. Our goals were to get outside, get better, and lift up our good friend. It was quite an honor to lead these men:

Deep Dish, Lady Bird, Stick Up, Gilligan, Fructose, Pelican, Meter Maid, Dauber, Jumpseat, Gisele, Jitterbug, Dynomite, Potter, Retainer, Cochran, Alexa, Aerobie(Q)

Here are the exercises we did during the main part (note – this is not the exact order in which they were done):

Donkey kicks 30
Gas pumps 2 x 30
Merkins (various forms). 4 x 30 + 10 for good measure
LBCs. 3 x 30
Plank jacks. 2 x 30
Copperhead squats. 30
Reverse big boys. 30
Hillbilly Planks. 30
JLOs. 2 x 30
Flutter kicks 30

Total: 550 count total in a 5.15 format.

The 5.15 format calls a pair of exercises a “set.” For example, if the pair for one set is merkins and lbc’s, then a set would be:
* do 5 merkins, and 15 lbc’s
* then 10 merkins, and 10 lbc’s
* then 15 merkins, and 5 lbc’s

A good set of 5.15’s combines one exercise with only hands and feet supporting body weight, and one exercise for abs and core.

On Monday, we did 9 sets (or pairs) with some running after every 2 sets.

We finished out with Imperial squat walkers, pickle pounders, heart breakers, and various others. We gathered for announcements and finished by lifting up prayers for some special people. Aye!

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