BB – 3.11 @ The Bridge

It had been a while since I made it to the Posh, since my last Q at the Fog. I knew I wanted to come up with something different. When the news of our fellow HIM Rocky came out, and there was a push to spend the week supporting him, I knew I wanted to figure out a way to involve him. So I turned to the F3 Exercises page… this turned out to be a bad idea…kinda.

Weather – Fantastic. ~45 deg F. No wind to speak of, no stars either.

Ladybird (R)
Jitterbug (R)
DoubleDown (R)
Little Jerry (R)
Iceman (R)
Jewel – Q

All exercises found via the F3 website…if you haven’t used these to expand your workouts, I highly suggest it.


SSH x 30
Michael Phelps OYO
Abe Vagodas OYO
Toy Soldiers x 10
Downward Dog> R/L. Runners stretch. Repeat oppo side

Red Barchette –
100yd dash followed by 100 SSH
75yd dash followed by 75 Mountain Climers
50yd dash followed by 50 LBC’s
25yd dash followed by 25 Merkins
10yd dash followed by 10 Burpees

Obama’s – 100yd Bear Crawl (this is the part that was the bad idea and PAX let me know about it). Every 4th “step/ crawl” add 4 merkins. Somewhere around halfway, or before, my arms stopped working. There were a lot of merkins here.

C – 3 “C” exercises
Curls x 25 (w/ coupons)
Carolina Dry Docks x 25
Clerkins x 15 (merkins with a clap on the up motion) – at this point in the workout, this was a tough one to get through… there was modification all around, and lots of groans.
We circled back for another round of Curls and Carolina Dry Docks…hard nope on any further Clerkins
We did 3 rounds of a ten count… not sure anyone needed that more than yours truly.
It was time for a mosey around both parking areas to give our arms/ shoulders a break…more nonsense was fast approaching.

Kraken Burpees – No surprise here… demonstration was called… the Kraken is a burpee with 3 hand release merkins in place of the regular merkin. 10 reps (yep, another 30 merkins)

Time for another lap. I couldn’t feel my arms. We put the coupons up and on to the last exercise…

xY – Rosalita/ Flutter Kick combo – 2 Rosalitas and 2 Flutter Kicks equal 1 rep. We made it all the way to 25. Thanks to Dynomite for calling the #s out. He’s the only one I could hear…there may have been others, I was exhausted and couldn’t hear… he was also the closest.

6:15 and time to end the shenanigans. I pointed out the exercises spelled out ROCKY. I told the story for those that hadn’t heard, said a week of support has turned in to a celebration. The power of prayer is REAL.

Can’t begin to explain how humbling and special it is to get the opportunity to lead a group of motivated individuals like the PAX of F3. It isn’t lost on me, not sure it ever will get any less nerve wracking when putting together a workout. I’m grateful.

Intentions were lifted up to the Sky Q, and an Our Father closed us out. As always, thanks for having me.

Until next time, SYITG,


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