Back blast – 3/7 @ The Nest

I apologize for the belated bb. It’s been a hectic 5 days. It was nice and cold as mother nature promised. Also as promised YHC kicked the pax ace. Pax of 14 got tore up, cut up, and better together. Sadly during COT Rocky informed us he was recently diagnosed with yet another tumor. The mood quickly shifted to concern and support through prayer and long bear hugs. I hold Rocky in such high regard. He is the real life Rocky. It was great to see F3 Louisville band together this entire week to show our support to our fellow warrior and friend. Rocky had a follow up scan on Monday which revealed the tumor/lesion was GONE. Praise the Sky Q for this miraculous news!!! While Rocky will continue his battle we will celebrate this tremendously positive news.


  • Pelican
  • Honey Do
  • Bulletin (R)
  • Holly Roller (R)
  • Latex
  • Jolly Rancher
  • Captain Crunchberry
  • Brown Water
  • LePew
  • Backflop
  • Rocky
  • Gisele
  • Meter maid
  • Fructose (Q)

Warmup – mosey to the coupons. Karaoke to. Leg lunges fro back towards the flag.

Thang 1: what I call head shoulders knees and toes full body WO with coupon. Set in a circle. 20 reps without breaks each of coupon merkins, dips, bent over rows, regular curls & reverse curls, shoulder press, shrugs. Run full laps around school property mixed with 40 yd all out windsprints. Rinse and repeat 5 times. Return coupons

Thang 2: lined up pax up against school wall. Wall sits while taking turns running 40 yd all out wind sprint while being cheered on by pax.

Thang 3: admittedly this YHC madd a tremendous oversight thinking the WO was 45 minutes. Consequently we did Mary for 15 minutes. This actually worked out for the best as the pax was spent after giving it their all for a straight 45.

I am so grateful for F3 Louisville and the bond of brotherhood we continue to develop. Humbled to lead. Out.

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