BB – 11/7 Cloverfield @ The Garden

In recognition of @Bulletin WO involved heavy and a sh## load of merkins. Weather was nothing but suck in the cold rain but NOTHING compared to the sacrifice @Bulletin and other courageous organ donors endure for the betterment and survival of others in great need. Pax: Iceman (R), Jitterbug (R), Gypsy, Husky, Nino, Catfish, Domino,Continue reading “BB – 11/7 Cloverfield @ The Garden”

BB 8/15: Fructose VQ Cloverfield @ The Garden

22 pax got better, stronger, together in the muggy Garden. Much respect for The County boyz, Scuba Steve, and Flo Jo making the journey. There were some Chippendales 😎( shout out to Iceman and Uncle Rico). All I believe got a burpee-free beatdown. Metro sexuals protected their soft hands with gloves. Pax: Fructose (Q) IcemanContinue reading “BB 8/15: Fructose VQ Cloverfield @ The Garden”