BB – 11/7 Cloverfield @ The Garden

In recognition of @Bulletin WO involved heavy and a sh## load of merkins. Weather was nothing but suck in the cold rain but NOTHING compared to the sacrifice @Bulletin and other courageous organ donors endure for the betterment and survival of others in great need.

Pax: Iceman (R), Jitterbug (R), Gypsy, Husky, Nino, Catfish, Domino, Fructose (Q)

Warmed up with a mosey. Quick COP:

Abe Bigodas (15), Imperial Walkers (15), Downward Dog into alternate calf stretches into runner stretches then into Cobra.

Thang 1: Crazy Indian run last in line got the makeshift 75# weighted body bag (sand bag wrapped in duct tape) held back doing 2 merkins on bag. Upon completion has to catch up to pax carrying body bag in an all out sprint. Hands off to end person and sprints to front. Rinse and repeat til all pax carries body bag. @Husky didnt even a break a sweat much less a heavy breath b/c what else would you expect from a IronMan beast.

Thang 2: retrieve coupons run to bottom of front hill and places coupon at each tree going up the hill. Return to bottom of hill. Used 20# medicine ball for a @Viking and launched up the hill alternating and keeping ball from going backwards. Me as the brilliant Q I am failed to realize medicine ball bounced like a freakin basketball 👀😎. At top began our awkward and humorous descent down watching @Jitterbug struggle mightily yet with valiant effort to catch up to the lightning quick ball unsuccessfully until @Gypsy heroically came to the rescue. Pax was in utter shock @Catfish didnt come in first with the ball 🤔.

Thang 3: Each HIM located their tree and coupon. Performed Paul Bunyon tree huggers essentially an innovative, sexy modified pull up with feet well forward pulling own dead weight up and down 15 reps. Then coupon merkin 15 reps. Assimilate up tree line rinse and repeat alternating trees until getting back to starting tree. @Nino enjoyed tree huggers a little too much looking more like a tree humper 🤣😎.

Thang 4: coupon carried up hill to next station taking shelter from the rain at school main entry annex. Death deck of cards. Each HIM took turns drawing a card rotating in a circle. Card represented number of reps with face card equivalent to 10 reps. Performed merkins and then repped out the same with coupons. One position required 70# curling bar. One positioned required pushup bar. Rinse and repeat. Pax performed around 200 merkins/200 curls in less than 15 minutes. Quite impressive! Returned coupons to other side of school all the way down the hill. @Domino must of shot some cocaine up his ace as he shot down to coupon depot like white lightning.

Moseyd back to Flag. @Iceman attempted to do his traditional pissing contest challenge me with an all out windsprint back but my recently injured hami and his sciatica weren’t having which it which was a first for our wounded pride 😡.

COT: Special announcements St. John’s Mens Homeless Center sock donation campaign started by @Uncle Rico. Special prayers for @Metermaid and @Airplane for their losses. Special prayer for @Bulletin and his sister. Praised the Sky Q. Returned home for an old man nap.

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