Back Blast – 11/9/2019 – The Fog

I had the pleasure of leading 8 HIMs this morning. I had planned this workout in honor of Bulletin, who had donated his kidney to his sister on Tuesday.

PAX: Huggies, SweetTart, Latex, Iceman (R), Mr. Kotter, Number2 (R), Jitterbug (R) and Meter Maid (QIC)

I started with the disclaimer and we began the COP.


20 Toy Soldiers IC

15 Grass Grabbers IC

Michael Phelps

Downward Dog and Various Runner’s Stretches

30 seconds for any body part on your own


Last man up with a 20 pound slam ball- two laps near the Gheens Lodge parking lot.


Bulletin Board

This was a take off the one Bulletin led at Peggy Baker on November 5. The lap was around the Gheens Lodge parking lot.

We had a lot of great mumblechatter during the running portion.


We took a break from the board and did a 10 every minute on the minute (EMOM). It consisted of 5 step ups, 10 Merkins and 15 dips. Get done early and rested and if not, you continued working. During this time, I provided some stats that Bulletin had shared on November 5 around organ donation especially around kidneys.


Pick back up on the board until there was about 5 minutes left.

Then, we circled up for Mary. I led a round of Box Cutters IC and we went around the circle with other PAX leading their favorite exercise.

We counted off and had announcements. There will be another year end awards in mid to late January. If interested, let Huggies know any particular meeting spots. Last years was Saints.

The November ruck is November 22 at Bowman Field. It is being led by Mama’s Boy and Alexa.

There is a 5 mile ruck taking place at Pope Lick at 5am on Sunday for a GoRuck patch.

We had intentions and ended with a prayer and Our Father.

We also took a picture and I sent it to Bulletin to show our support to him. A group of us bicyclist took it before they started their 100 mile bike ride for the day.

-Meter Maid

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