Pre-Blast – Celebration Day at The Nest – 03/14/2020

As the title has it, tomorrow is the 2nd Annual Celebration Day with ‘ol Jolly Rancher Q’ing at The Nest.  For those that were not able to attend the 1st Celebration Day last year at The Chopper, you’ll have to join me in the gloom to figure out what we’ll be celebrating together.

The Nest is probably my favorite workout of the week – so, it is fitting.  Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s on Saturday – the end of the week.  Which means Sunday is around the corner, which is a rest day!
  • It’s a full 60-minute workout – right Fructose?
  • The mumble chatter is always on high.  Perhaps it is because it’s a little lighter outside and everyone can see who you’re throwing shade at…?
  • Even with a high volume of inappropriate mumble chatter, there’s a good chance there’s a 2.0 there and it’s always great to see the PAX push their 2.0, the 2.0 push their dads, and the 2.0s pushing each other.
  • More often than not, there’s an opportunity to do a double header with an extra credit ruck or run beforehand [PS – there will be an extra credit run with Bulletin at 6:15am…3 minute / 1 minute interval training]

If that’s not enticing enough, just know that as part of the celebration you will have opportunities to work hard, get better and support your fellow PAX in doing the same.

What more could one need?


Jolly Rancher out!

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