Crotchety VQ 03.21.2020 @The Fog PB Co-Q Mr Kotter

Crotchety VQ! Come out and support this HIM on his maiden voyage as Q! He has made sure we are following all the precautions to bring you a beat down WO ITG!

Recite Disclaimer. Start out with a short warm up mosey around the parking lot, PAX will circle up with at least 6’ distance apart for COP in the coupon lot.

Break into small groups of 4 – 5. Thang 1: will be 6 stations set up around the parking lot island by the Gheens Foundation Pavilion.

Station 1: Burpees. Station 2: Dips. Station 3: Flutter kicks. Station 4: Bobby Hurley. Station 5: Decline Merkins. Station 6: SSH.

We will work through the stations until time is called and move onto Thang 2

Thang 2: Find a partner (all work will be spread out 6’ or greater). Each PAX goes individually to grab a coupon while all other PAX plank until everyone has a coupon.

Partner 1s line up in groups of 4 – 5 for a Native American run and the parking lot island.

Partner 2s stay and do 1st exercise AMRAP in cadence with Co-Q.

When Partner 1s return switch (using their own coupon) AMRAP in cadence with other Co-Q.

Rinse and repeat until time is called for the following exercises: Exercise 1: Man Makers. Exercise 2: Over Head Press. Exercise 3: Curls. Exercise 4: One-arm rows. Exercise 5: Bench Press. Exercise 6: V-UPS w/coupon.

With 10 min remaining put coupons back individually. Plank while waiting for the Six. Do some Mary with the time remaining. COT.

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