Crotchety VQ 03.21.2020 @The Fog BB Co-Q Mr Kotter


The weather this morning was clear & cold, perfect weather for a beat down! Crotchety turned up the heat with 6 other HIMs to cook up the perfect VQ!


1. Whitney (R)

2. Double Down (R)

3. Ladybird (R)

4. Jitterbug (R)

5. SweeTART

6. Mr Kotter

7. Crotchety (VQ)

Recite Disclaimer. Start out with a short warm up mosey around the parking lot, PAX circled up with at least 6’ distance apart for COP in the coupon lot.

Broke into two small groups of 3 & 4.

Thang 1: 6 stations were set up around the parking lot island by the Gheens Foundation Pavilion. Each did their exercises and then planked for the Six.

Station 1: 10 Burpees.

Station 2: 20 Dips.

Station 3: 20 Flutter kicks IC.

Station 4: 20 Bobby Hurley.

Station 5: 20 Decline Merkins.

Station 6: 20 SSH IC.

We will work through the stations until time is called and move onto Thang 2


Thang 2: Stay in same groups of 3 & 4(all work was completed 6’ or greater apart). Each PAX went individually to grab a coupon while all other PAX planked of did LBCs until everyone has a coupon.

Group 1s lined up for a Native American run around the parking lot island.

Group 2s stayed and did 1st exercise IC AMRAP with Co-Q.

When Group 1s returned, switch (using their own coupon) AMRAP IC with other Co-Q.

Rinse and repeat until time is called for the following exercises:

Exercise 1: Man Makers (Approx. 40)

Exercise 2: Over Head Press (Approx. 40)

Exercise 3: Curls (Approx. 120)

Exercise 4: One-arm rows (Ran Out of Time)

Exercise 5: Bench Press (Ran Out of Time)

Exercise 6: V-UPS w/coupon (Ran Out of Time)


Put coupons back individually. Plank/LBCs while waiting for the Six.



Exercise 1: V-UPS

Exercise 2: Gas Pumps

Exercise 3: Mountain Climbers

Exercise 4: A-Rods

Exercise 5: Plank Jacks



Whitney led a song of Happy Birthday to Crotchety who turned 32 today!

All of us expressed a show of gratitude and thanks for the brothers of F3. We are all blessed to be part of something so extraordinary! Together we form a family bond; which is the strongest bond. We raise up all you HIMs and what you do for our community. With our Fitness Fellowship and Faith we help lead our community to grow more positive and modify as needed.

Love you brothers

-Mr Kotter

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