Back Blast : Planetarium @ Boondocks – 03/24/2020

Great day for a workout this morning. Weather was great, but company of the PAX that showed up made it even better.



  • Focker
  • Holy Roller (R)
  • Colonel Klink
  • Brown Water
  • Ma Bell
  • Cratchit
  • Fear Factor
  • Cochran
  • Bulletin (R)
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)



Disclaimers provided. Headed out on a mosey to the concession stands taking the path on the way there. Circled up for some COP including:

  • SSH
  • Downward Dog and Runners Stretches
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Hillbillies
  • Hamstring Stretches


The Thang – Hindenburg BLIMPS:

I put four LED road flares out on the outside path of the ball field. Basically one behind home plate, one at the corner of left field, one at center field, and one at the corner of right field. We split into two teams of 5 for this. One team nosied ahead so we had good spacing. This circuit was to do the following.

  • B – burpees, 10x each light
  • L – lunges, 20x each light
  • I – imperial walkers, 30x each loght
  • M – merkins, 40x each loght
  • P – plank jacks, 50x each light
  • S – squats, 60x each light

For those non-math majors, that’s 40 burpees, 80 lunges, 120 imperial walkers, 160 merkins, 200 plank jacks and 240 squats.

I think both groups made it to squats, but time had to be called. We set off back to the flag for a 30 second plank.


Countarama. Namearama. Announcements. Intentions.

Don’t forget that March 27 is mental health awareness day across F3 – or at least it was before the coronavirus impacts. I will seek confirmation and post something out there to confirm. Either way, even if it isn’t we need to now more than ever lift up those battling each and every day. Businesses will be lost during these challenging times. People won’t show it – so make sure you ask them how they are doing. Be the light in the darkness.

Jolly Rancher out!

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