3rd F OneVoice/OneSong Challenge

In the 3rd F component, we are charged to better the community in which we live, work, & play. We will be utilizing the power of song to that end. Singing is proven to boost one’s morale & well being physically, mentally, & spiritually. Singing can also inspire & motivate those who hear the songs.

This will be an 11 week challenge culminating in the celebration of the birth of this great nation on July 4th!  And as a PAX, we are going to challenge each other to step out boldly – with imagination,creativity, and LOTS of fun – to sing as One Voice/One Song!

Here we….GO!

Sing & record the Weekly Song as a solo, duo, trio, ensemble, HIM’s family, or all 5. The recording MUST include the following tag after the song is completed:

“We’re coming to you in One Voice with One Song. God Bless You, God Bless America, and may the saga continue…AYE???!!!”

Then post it on Slack and/or Twitter.

Week 1: God Bless America 

Here’s the point system we will follow:

I – solo 1pt

II – duo 2pts each

III – trio 3pts each

IV – ensemble (4 or more) 4pts each

V – Family 5pts

Circle (complete I – V) 20 pts

Extra Points:

  • including the American flag in background- 5pts
  • including cross/church in background – 5pts

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