Backblast-Pelican Q-The Inferno-6/4/2020

I should have done the same workout to save some time on this backblast but whatever these are fun once I start. Next time I volunteer to Q I’ll look and see if I’m Qing the day before or after. Crunchberry caught me on the tail end of quarantine to Q today—his preferred method of communication is Pony Express so it would have taken too long to back out of it so here I am.

Anyway I got to the station and the PAX appeared. Fungi brought his awesome homemade coupon, he said it doesn’t have lacquer on it but I wouldn’t light a match by it either. Meter was waiting for Dauber to bring his Weight Watchers sponsored coupon to him. Overflow finally answered Hush Puppy’s call this week and got to a workout. Dauber eventually got there after he dropped the flag at the County and learned of a beef Tidwell has with me over the long-standing rivalry of the Pelicans and 76ers. Can’t wait until I see him again.

Anyways we walked over to the Firehouse to warmup and did the following

Grass Grabbers

Toy Soldiers

Arm stuff (not hand stuff)

Runners stretches (I think but that could have been yesterday)

Happy Jacks

I recently learned that all the County guys don’t like Snoop even though they said they did so I played Top Country Hits from Amazon Music—I’ve Q’d a lot lately and needed a break from my playlist. After that I introduced the Thang as well as shared whoever had the most laps would get a prize. We would run one lap around (about 1/3 of a mile) the station and then do 5/10/15 of one of the groups of exercises below. Each lap you switch groups.

Group 1-Manmakers/Mountain Climbers (4 count)/Coupon Lunges (2 count)

Group 2-Crusters/Up right rows/Squats

Group 3-Walkout Merkins/Coupon V-Ups/Curls

Everyone got through the exercises at least twice which gave us all at least 2 miles ran. I think Dauber was almost done with his third cycle so he won. We will talk about his prize shortly.

Headed back to the flag for some Mary, we did LBCs, Nolan Ryan’s, Manmakers and maybe something else.

For announcements I revealed that Dauber won the Q two weeks from now at the Station. Meter is leading RuckOps tonight and Hush Puppy’s VQ at the Nest Saturday.

Said our intentions and an Our Father and called it a day.

I needed the push on the runs, Crunchberry and the rest of the group kept me going. Glad to lead again.


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