Backbast #The Fog 6/6/20

It was Great to lead Saturday for the “official” reopening of The Fog at Poshlands.  It really does offer quite a bit of opportunity, especially on a Saturday with an hour to work with.  Working up a sweat is no problem at this point so I really wanted to just keep us moving. Here is what we did:

PAX:  Jitterbug (QIC), Number2 (R), Double Down (R), PK, Stick up, Tenderfoot, Harbaugh, Drysdale, Mr. Kotter

Quick Mosey to Coupon lot for COP.  SSH, Grassgrabbers, Abe Vigodas, Kendra Newman, Stretching, 20 Merkins, 20 Squats

Indian Run to Rock Bridge……Last PAX in line did a Burpee before their Sprint

At Rock Bridge we planked and performed a number of Merkins, Followed Immediately By Groiners…..10 of each, then 8 of each, 6, 4, 2…holding plank entire time in between.

At Rock Bridge we did a “7” exercise of Burpees and Bobby Hurleys. 6 Boyos, run to top of Hill where Bridge Starts for 1 Bobby Hurley, run back down….5-2, 4-3, etc.

Mosey back to Egg Lawn and stopped at Small Parking Lot for a Second COP.  My memory fails me but it included Copperhead Squats, Jump Lunges, Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, and maybe couple more things.

Moseyed Back to Starting point and had PAX Pick a spot on the retaining wall to do the Following:  20 Dips, 10 Hop Ups, 10 Derkins followed by lap around the Parking lot; then rinse and repeat till I called time.  Leaving 3 minutes for some Mary

COR, NOR and Intentions.  We talked Primarily about the uncertainty and unrest of the last few months. Personally for me how starting my day the right way helps me to focus and be the best man I can be.  We prayed for understanding , for patience , and wisdom for everyone on all sides of these issues and especially for those in leadership positions; that they may listen and hear each other.

Always an honor to lead,  Jitterbug Out


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