Blender back blast 06/10/20 – Old Bay

PAX 17: Handbook, Larry Flynt, Cowbell, Buschhh, McAfee (weighted), Tin Cup, Glen Ross, Fridge, Fall Guy (R), Noxeema Jackson, Wham!, No Show, Russdiculous, Schyster, Pope, Plumb Bob, Old Bay (Q)

Conditions:  72*, a bit humid.  Like, bat-wings humid

Disclaimer, and off we go for a quick mosey around the glorious campus of Holy Trinity

COP: Slaughter start of 10 BOYOS.  SSH, IW, tempo merkins, Dog, Runner’s stretch

Thang 1:  Count off by 3 for some 3 man weave.  1s do triple threat Merkins on one side of the big lot, 2s do heels to heaven on the other side of big lot, 3s run and push.  Switch up after 5 minutes, 1s do Carolina Dry Docks, 2s do flutter kicks, 3s run and push.   Good mix of guys, good mumble chatter.

deja vu

Thang 2: Grab coupons, head back up for fight gone bad.  At the Rooster yesterday I said I’m Q, and we would NOT do fight gone bad.  I changed my mind, cuz, freed to lead.  I was hoping Nugget would show for the deja vu, but he is likely sleeping off a few dozen birthday beers.   Anywho….5 exercises for one minute each, then one minute of rest.  3 rounds.  Coupon shoulder press, Merkin pull-through, jump overs, burpees, thrusters.  Mcafee and Cowbell dominated here.

This took us to 6:13.  Plumb Bob started walking off, and I said he can put his coupon away on his own time.  A few minutes of Mary, and then we were done.  Nice Work boys!

COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions for Fall Guy’s family and peace in our world.  Remember to be grateful in all that we do.  Always an honor to lead.  This group helps keep my head on straight…or kind of straight.


Old Bay

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