Backblast – The Nest – 3/13/2020 – Co-Q Captain Crunchberry and Dauber

PAX: Coleman, Le Pew, Abacus, Gisele, Cratchit, Tiny Tim (2.0), Tidwell, Meter Maid, Rocky, Jerry Maguire, Bus (2.0), Brick (2.0), Trekkie (2.0), WILDFlower, Holy Roller, Pelican, Jolly Rancher, Fun Dip (2.0), Ma Bell, Hush Puppy, Asian Zing (for a little while at least), Devitto, Dauber (CO-QIC) Captain Crunchberry (CO-QIC)

Weather: Mary Freakin Poppins. Practically perfect in every way.

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional, I have received no formal training, anything I say is a suggestion, and you should modify as necessary. Aye?

We start the planning of this Q as being a way to walk (or run) down memory lane. In the first year, so many different PAX had a hand in our growth as members of F3 Louisville. So, without further hesitation… We get to the meat and potatoes of this epic workout…

While it isn’t a memory from our first post, it is the first part of an Alexa workout. So, after calling out the disclaimer, I, Captain Crunchberry quickly removed the first layer of shorts to reveal some of the shortest Ranger Panties. I called out the Slaughter start, 10 BOYO. After the gasps, laughs, and all around amazement that is my white, pale, legs the guys started on the BOYOs. Once the burpees were completed, Dauber threw it back to our next inspirational Q.

He powered up the mobile music station and proceeded to turn on a song that I haven’t a clue the name, or even a stanza from. But it was something Le Pew plays I’m guessing (Dauber Editorial:  the song is “Wow” by Beck and it is kinda awesome). This was our entertainment for a short mosey to the front lot for COP.

COP was a throw back to our very first post. Even running it today, I don’t have a clue why I came back for more punishment. COP consisted of the following:

110 SSH, in cadence

55 Mountain Climbers, in cadence.

Downward Dog


55 Imperial Walkers, in cadence.

55 Plank Jack, in cadence.


You see, our first post was one that Le Pew honored Double Down. He was 6 months removed from his surgery. Neither Dauber or I had a clue what we were in for. The SSHs just seemed to go on forever. If you have ever posted with Le Pew you likely would not understand how much grit and determination this HIM has, to achieve a specific count on any exercise. Flutter kicks, SSH, you name it, and he will achieve the goal. Following the COP, we proceeded to the back lot for our next tribute.

At the back lot, I called out the next PAX that created a lasting impression with me. None other than Big Bird. It is hard to remember a Big Bird Q that didn’t include a TABATA. I think it is because it gives him so many opportunities to call out “Last one, best one.” Those 4 word, give you that extra little bit you need to get over the hump. The TABATA was another throw back to Alexa. It was a deconstructed burpee. Round 1 – Air Squat, Round 2 – Merkin, Round 3 – Groiner, Round 4 – Full Burpee. Repeat those 4 rounds. After completing the TABATA, the baton was passed back to Dauber.  Dauber talked of his second post. It was about 2 weeks after the epic Le Pew COP.  29 PAX were there and Abacus announced the beginning of RunOps. So Dauber said “sure I’ll run”.  Fungi gave him a reflective vest and he should have known it was a bad idea when Fungi did not put one on himself. Dauber obviously had no idea what he was getting into with the run group of Abacus, Little Jerry, Cochran, and Valdez. In honor of that run group, today we ran 2 laps around The County (approximately 1 mile) with the pace set by Abacus. Once we returned, it was back to me for another throw back.

This time it was to honor Fungi. On this specific date, there were 35 PAX show up. Which started The County starfish. I thought his Wienke was pretty creative.

I mean, how can you keep 35 guys moving at their own pace, where no one feels left behind, and everyone gets better for 45 minutes? The THANG, was to utilize one parking spot, trace out the letters “THE COUNTY” within that parking spot.  At the completion of each letter, go to the center, and complete 5 merkins. It is such a simple task, but it is constant movement. I remember being winded easily that first time through this workout. Now it was back to Dauber for another set of memories. First a few other good memories…Meter Maid trying to explain all the AO and workout names; Jolly tail-gating Dauber to workouts; and always finding a way to beat Pelican in burpee football (allegedly). Well, it was all fun and games until Alexa tried to kill Dauber at a BlueOps workout.

This is also when Dauber met Kilo for the first time, and the sideways look he got when announcing that he didn’t really know how to swim still haunts him to this day.  The warm up lap alone just about did him in, but luckily Kimble was there to keep Dauber in the shallow end of the pool, along with his lost and found goggles, floaties, snorkel, and fins. (Only one of those items were used, but I’m not telling you which.) To celebrate this joyous occasion, we lunge walked from one end of the parking lot to the other. Good thing we were not in the pool, because I don’t think my legs would have kept me above water at this point in the workout. Then, finally, one last hail Mary pass back to me to bring it home…

Starting to run short on time, there was one final THANG. Through the course of my time with F3 there have be a few different songs played for the purpose of providing instruction for the workout. This time it wasn’t “Mahna Mahna” while holding a squat. It was Moby’s – Flower. So… Bring Sally up… Bring Sally down… Just listen, and follow directions, doing merkins.

Finally, the THANGs had come to an end, and we circled up for Mary. Each PAX called out an exercise. There were American Hammers, Gas Pumps, and Pickle Pounders. Last call went to Holy Roller. This was by design. You see, this beast thinks that burpees are an exercise for Mary. But since we started with burpees, I knew it would be a fitting end to an epic workout.

We circled back up at the flag for Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, FNG (welcome 2.0 Tiny Tim) and announcements.

I announced that it is easy to ask people to be the light in the darkness. But for me, your attendance at a workout is doing just that. The change in a person’s mental well being might be the difference of hearing those few words of encouragement during a workout. You do not think you can get that last 20 yards of a bear crawl in, and soon, there are 5 other guys who have finished their crawl, but just joined in alongside you. That extra push might be all they needed to believe in themselves.

Convergence is coming. July 18. Put it on the calendar now. I have only made it to one Convergence. The site of 100+ men in a circle, calling out exercises in cadence is a powerful, and moving experience. If you are new, you must try to make it out.

-Captain Crunchberry and Dauber

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