Pelican BB-Wisteria @ Pleasantville 6.12.20

I arrived at the amphitheater about 5:23 and saw Hush Puppy practicing for his race tomorrow by driving laps around Pleasantville. And that was it, didn’t see anyone else but then 3 minutes later the PAX started rolling in. Thanks to Captain Crunchberry for bringing a couple extra coupons for those who didn’t have one. Once it was time to start we had the below in attendance.

Double Down (R)
Holy Roller (R)
Pallet Jack
Hush Puppy
Jolly Rancher
Captain Crunchberry
Pelican (Q)

Started off with taking our coupons down the steps and a short mosey to the top of the hill and back to loosen up.

Started with Grass Grabbers and not sure of the # just know it was about 50 less than Retainer had us do Wednesday. Then we did copper head squats, Michael Phelps and Kendra Newmans followed by runners stretches and scorpion.

We used the amphitheater steps for the majority of the workout. We had exercises coupled with upper and lower body .We started at the bottom with one rep and added a rep per step. Box jump up to the next level. Once to the top run back down and do the lower body exercise. When you hit the top this time run a lap which was somewhere between 0.3 miles and 2.4 miles. Then onto the next set of exercise and add a box jump each round.

Exercises were:

Incline Merkins/coupon step ups

Dips/calf raises

Decline merkins/squat jumps

A few HIM made it all the way through and started the first round again before the time ended.

We went down to the bottom of the steps and did Mary-

Heart Breakers


Flutter Kicks

Stretching til the end

Did countarama, name o’Rama, announcements and intentions.

It was a beautiful morning today and was fun to be out and lead. If you haven’t been out since we have been back open because of schedule, routine, not wanting to get up early, etc. I’d encourage you to get back out. It’s the perfect way to start your day.


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