6/16/20 Back Blast BoW @ The O

Arriving at the AO early to get some extra stretching done, I began putting together a plan for the the morning. Being this was part duex of a back-to-back Q, I did not want to take the easy way out and just run back the WO from Monday. As always, free to lead, so lets wing this thing and see what happens!

Number 2 (R)
Vincent (R)
Tin Cup
Flo Jo
Mom Jeans
Captain Insane-o
Stick Up (Q)

To start the PAX took a mosey through the tennis courts, around the south west side of the park, and back up to the school for COP.

COP: 20 SSH(IC), 15 Grass Grabbers (IC), 15 Toy Soldiers (IC), Downward Dog, L/R Calf Stretch, L/R Runners Stretch, Kendra Newmans, Michael Phelps

After COP and waiting on Kilo, we lined up along the white fence side of the parking lot. Instructions for round one were given, changed, repeated, and then finally stated the same as the original (for half the group).


Bear crawl the width of the parking lot. 20 SSH. Run (either direction) to the corners and perform 20 Bobby Hurley. Run to the next corner of the riding club and again, 20 Bobby Hurley’s. On to the third corner of our little box and 20 Bobby Hurley’s. To the forth corner, 20 Bobby Hurley’s. Mosey back to where the 20 SSH were done and bear crawl back to the starting point along the fence. When the 6 returned. Time for round two. We completed 5 rounds using the following exercises at each corner.

1: 20 Bobby Hurleys
2: 20 Merkins
3: 15 Jumping Lunges each leg
4: 10 V-Ups
5: 5 BOYOs

Once completed we circled up in the parking lot for MARY:
20 BBSUs
20 Jack in the boxes
20 Flutter Kicks

Time was called and we circled the flags for count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements, Grow Ruck advertisements, intentions, Words of Thanks.

It was an honor to lead the HIMs who showed up on this glorious morning and I am thankful for the opportunity!

-Stick Up

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