Back Blast 6.19 The Chopper @ Vets

PAX (11): Cousin Eddie, Eto, Handbook, Kilo, McAfee, Meatball, PK, Tony Malito, Worm, Vincent (R), Violet (Q)

Conditions: A sticky 64 degrees with a slight wind out of the southwest

Warm Up: Mosey around monument and playground using road until we reached the back of the church parking lot.  Circled up in church parking lot.

  • Body Rotation (3 neck, hips and knee & ankle rotations in each direction)
  • 20 x Imperial Squat Walker (IC)
  • 15 x Mountain Climber (IC)
  • Side Straddle Hops and Burpee Sets; 10 SSH, 2 Burpees: 15 SSH, 4 Burpees: 20 SSH, 6 Burpees: 25 SSH, 8 Burpees: 30 SSH, 10 Burpees

Workout: Animal Kingdom

  • Completed traveling and stationary exercises that mimicked the movement of animals.


Set 1 = 1 Length of Field (used field beside church)

  • Crab Rockettes (travel approximately 30 meters)
  • Flying Squirrel x 15 (OYO) (perform a merkin but accelerate to get hands and feet off ground on way up)
  • Bat Wings (combination of Overhead Arm Claps, Seal Claps and 4-count Should touches) (100 total reps, IC)
  • Mule Kickers (broad jump followed by a mule kick- travel approximately 30 meters)

Set 2 = 3 Lengths of Field

  • Cheetah Run (sprint 3 lengths of field)

Set 3 = 1 Length of Field

  • Bear Crawl (travel approximately 30 meters)
  • Grass Hoppers (5 side to side jumps followed by 2 tuck jumps – performed for 30 seconds)
  • Monkey Humpers x 15 (IC)
  • Grass Hoppers (5 side to side jumps followed by 2 tuck jumps – performed for 30 seconds)
  • Crawl Bear (travel approximately 30 meters)

Set 4 = Hill Sprints and Mountain Goats

  • Yak Attack (sprint grass hill behind monument or paved running track hill and perform 10 squats at top) x 3
  • Mountain Goats x 15 (1 rep = 1 x4-Count Mountain Climbers, 2 Plank Jacks, 2 Shoulder taps)

Set 6: Mary

  • Flutter Kicks (30 x 4-count reps)
  • Nolan Ryan’s (10 each side)

COR, NOR, COT: Announcements included GrowRuck, Open Q Positions at every AO, Upcoming Golf Scramble Fundraisers.  Lifted up multiple intentions for friends and family members battling health issues.  Closed in prayer.

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