Back-Blast – The Fog @ The Poshlands – 6/20/2020

This morning we scrambled our core around the egg lawn!

PAX (10): 1. Jitterbug (R) 2. Buzzsaw 3. Harbaugh 4. Deep Dish 5. Number2 (R) 6. Maxi 7. Ladybird (R) 8. Stick Up 9. Leno (FNG) Welcome! 10. Mr Kotter (QIC).

Conditions: 70° and sunny. Not used to seeing so much sun during a work out. It could be just me, but it felt a little weird. It was kind of crowded, so we did a lot of work in the grass this morning… Sorry Maxi for the chiggers…

Warm-up: mosey around the parking lot, side-straddle hops, and stretches.

Workout: mosey around the egg lawn and every four light posts we did a set of core exercises

Set one:

Plank 30secs

20 R side plank dips

20 L side plank dips

Set two:


Leg-lift crunch

Leg lifts 30secs

Set three:

20 LBCs

20 Big Boy Sit-ups

50 side twists

Set four:

20 Merkins IC

15 Boyos

Set five:

20 Copperhead squats

20 lunges (each leg)

At this point it was 7:30 and we did a Native American Run for 1 full lap around the egg lawn.

Thang 2:

Bear crawl from one light post to the next.

Lunge walk from next light post to the next.

Mosey to flags for Mary.

Nameorama: Welcome Leno (FNG)!

Thank you to all who attended. My goal was to help you get better. I hope each of you did. SYITG!

-Mr Kotter

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