Gladiator Backblast 6.19.2020

Eight HIMs ventured out to The Abyss on a perfect Friday morning. The PAX: Skirmish (R), Uncle Sam (R), Ladybird (R), Squid, Shark Bait (FNG), Flip Flop, Harbaugh, & Mr. Hat (Q).

Disclaimer, stretching, mosey w/ coupons & jump ropes down to the dock. We did about a 30 min TABABTA. Thirty seconds on, 15 seconds left. Each HIM chose a different thang for each of the 30 sec intervals; we did a variety of thangs: curls, overhead presses, jump rope, rows, swings, et al.

Friday is our HEAVY day @ The Abyss. It’s the only HEAVY on Fridays in F3 Louisville, so come on out to The Abyss on Fridays or anytime. You will not find a better view in all of F3.

Huggies gave me a hard time at The Garden a couple weeks ago because I don’t do preblasts and backblasts as often as I should. Well, as Anna sings, “for the first time in forever,” I’ve written both. Huggies – are you reading this?

Hat out.

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