Back Blast – 6/20 the Ruiner

11 HIM’s joined me in the muggy gloom Saturday for a Ruiner style beatdown.  Nugget, Handbook, Yoshi, Violet, Tammy Faye, Pope, Loco, Tureen, Glen Ross, Fall Guy (RR) and Vincent (Q) put in a solid hours worth of work.  I gave the disclaimer and moseyed to the tennis courts for COP because the parking spaces were at a premium.  I didn’t want to leave the area just in case Wham! showed up.  We skipped SSH’s and did Hill Billys, Copperhead squats, Kendra Newman’s, Michael Phelps and the standard Downward Dog stretches.

From there we moseyed to the softball field by the half pipe.  Starting at the edge of the infield, we did a series of out – exercise and back to the start.  #1 – bear crawl, ten burpees, mosey back. #2 Karaokee right, 15 shoulder tap merkins, mosey back.  #3 Karaokee left, 15 shoulder tap merkins, mosey back.  #4 Mario out, 15 Bobby Hurley’s, mosey back.  Last round, sprint out, 15 squat jacks, Bernie Sanders back.  Rinso/Repeato.

Once completed we moseyed to the soccer field for “Thunderstruck !!  Hold plank for AC/DC  Thunderstruck and do a merkin every time Thunder or Thunderstruck is said.  5:43 seconds and 23 or so Merkins.  Yoshi killed it with a weight vest on – Beast.

Next,  we partnered up for Dora and did 100 mountain climbers – 4 count, 150 squats, 200 LBC’s.   We finished up with a round of Mary and LT Dan, squats and lunges.  We completed 8/32 at 8:00 and YHC called time.  I think all were thankful.  We wrapped up count, name-o-rama and intentions before coffeeteria.  I hope everyone got as much out of the morning as I did.  Until next time – SYITG.

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