6.24.20 BB- The Escalator at the Abyss

Not sure if I am the only one, but I always feel a sense of pride when someone reaches out directly to ask me to Q at a different AO. It is always an honor to lead the PAX of F3 Louisville, but when you’re asked to travel outside your norm to Q, to me at least, it means a little more. Big shout out to Squid for the invite.

PAX- 14!
Uncle Sam (R)
Skirmish (R)
Nice and Slow
Wide Right
Diane Dukes
Sub Prime
Natty Light
Flip Flop
Jewel – Q

COP – the order may or may not be correct
Grass Grabbers
Toy Soldiers
Hamstring Stretch
Runners stretches (downward dog and such)

With 14 PAX for the 2nd week in a row, we divided up in to 2 groups, one group did what was scheduled to be the first part of the WO, while group two, did what was scheduled for Thang 2.

The Thangs
On the Basketball court / coupons
21s – curls at 3 different positions: low curls, high curls, full range of motion curls — 7 at each level
10 Front Raises
25 Overhead Press
25 Tricep Extensions
CIs – stole these from CI… not sure the actual name- while standing, chest press the coupon straight in front of you 10x, after 10th rep, hold w/ straight arms for 10 seconds. WOOF
20 Plank Jack Merkins
Run to opposite baseline and back.
Repeat 3x

Group 2
~94 feet of Obamas – 44th President — 4 bear crawl movements, 4 merkins
Run to the lake for 50 IC Flutter Kicks
Run back to court for 25 Wheezy Jeffersons
Repeat 2x

At the Garden, there’s been a trend for a Finishing exercise that leaves the PAX in attendance spent, I tried one on for size at the Abyss…. and I had yet to incorporate the Kraken Burpees I have come to be so fond of lately.

The Finish
Suicides w/ The Kraken – starting at the baseline, using FT Line, 3Pt Line and midcourt run a ladder of Krakens.
1 @ the FT line
2 @ the 3Pt Line
3 @ Mid Court
4 @ oppo 3Pt Line
5 @ oppo FT Line
6 @ oppo baseline

I think only Nino and Nice and Slow got through them all, but believe an asterisk may be in order someplace. There was a lot of chatter…

Thanks for reading.

SYITG – Jewel

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