Backblast 6/25/20, the Inferno @ the Station

Capt Crunchberry asked me to Q, which completed my 3Q’s in 4 days last week. If I’m able to (which I’m not traveling for work right now), I love to Q. I thought we’d change it up a bit. We hadn’t done a heavy type workout in a while so I wanted to bring that back. Limited running. According to Alexa, I might have brought a bit too much heat as he mentioned he couldn’t do some of his favorite things later that day. Let that sink in for a minute. Ha!

But I digress. PAX –

  1. WILDflower
  2. Pelican
  3. Dauber
  4. Gilligan
  5. Alexa
  6. Jolly Rancher
  7. Uncle Sam
  8. Hush Puppy
  9. Overflow
  10. Captain Crunchberry
  11. Backflop (QIC)

COP – 20x SSH IC, 10x GG IC, 10 Toy Soldiers IC, running stretches and quad stretches

The THANG – 1x arm, chest, leg ladder AND 1x core ladder w/ 10x man makers between ladders + mosey to end of parking lot and back (that’s all the rest you get son)

Ladder 1 –

50x Bicep Curls, 40x weighted squats, 30x skull crushers, 20x thrusters, 10x coupon swings

Ladder 2 –

50x Big boy sit-ups, 40x flutter kicks, 30x American hammers, 20x LBC’s, 10x reverse crunches

Mary – 20 or so gas pumps and then we stretched for 3 min because your Q was gassed.


I read a passage from the Bible – 2 Tim 4:7.
Paul (the mentor) is teaching Timothy (the mentee). The verse is: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Message: do everything in such a way that you stay the course, fight through the difficulty, and finish the job in such a way that it sets the example for others. Intentionally is the key.

Ended with an Our Father. I love F3 and the guys/friends that are now a part of my life now and forever. Hope you got some feeling back in your arms Alexa! SYITG – Backflop

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