BB: Gisele Q Planetarium @ the Boondocks

7 Pax Holy Roller (R), Brown Water, Bulletin (R), Fouker, Back Flop, Wildflower, Gisele (Q)

Weather: 68, sticky and damp

Disclaimer was given and off we went on a Mosey to the back of the grounds.

SSH, Grass Grabbers, Kendrick Newman, Michael Phelps, Downward Dog to get some good stretching in. After that we moseyed back to the flag to cash in with Dora and Tabata.

Dora Round 1

  • 50 Merkins, 100 Big Boys, 150 Squats flip flopping while partner ran 80 yards

Tabata Round 1

  • Overhead Press alternating with Pull Through Merkins

Dora Round 2

  • 50 Lunge, 100 Rows, 150 Curls

Tabata Round 2

  • Plank Jacks alternating with Mountain Climbers

To get the blood flowing back in the legs Mosey around the fields with a stop for 25 LBCs on the way. Back to the flags for 2 minutes of Man Makers and Time

CoR/NoR. Announcements and Intentions. Today we prayed for the friends and family of Backflop, Wildflower and Bulletin. As the sun started to rise I thought of how thankful I was to get out of bed to join this group. Thankful to get up, take my first breath of the day and thankful to be surrounded by a great group of HIMs looking out for one another.  Until next time Gisele out!

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