7/1/20 BB – The Escalator in The Abyss Training Curricular 87

Started the day with some comments about how steamy the weather was and I let the PAX know that it was going to get even more steamy. This comment set the mood for 5 men to workout in the dark together…

We began with a Mosey down to the lake side then did 100 yards of high knees to finish a warm up. The COP was short and sweet as we did grass grabbers in cadence, plank to downward dog alternating calves and then four cobras. Good mornings were next. We finished out with quad and arm (shoulder pull and overhead tricep) stretches.

Calisthenics: General guidelines: 4 count = 8 reps; 2 count = 16 reps; 8 count =4 reps. Next: 3 movements at a time I demonstrated the form, move, and count. Then we kicked it in gear.

1.High jumper (arm swing jump: Shoulder high arms, arms back, then arms overhead 4 count) 8 reps 2.Burpee(thruster, no merkin 4 count) 8 reps 3.Squat Bender (squat, up, toe touch, up 4 count) 8 reps

4.Rowing (lay flat on ground>do big boy with upper body and bend knees at same time 2 count) 16 reps 5.Merkins (2 count) 16 reps 6. Big Boys and roll legs overhead 4 count 8 reps

7.Side Bender (hands overhead bend left slight recover bend two more times then repeat other side 8 count) 4 reps 8.Bank Twist (on six. back down. arms out to sides, legs up bent at waist. turn legs to touch left, up, right 4 count) 8 reps 9.Squat Jump (squat down to low lunge, jump to switch sides, repeat to 4 count) 8 reps

10.Trunk twister(hands behind head, bend at waist, straight down, turn to left down, right down 4 count) 8 reps 11.Stationary run (count every time left leg is up 4 count) 8 reps 12.Eight count merkin (down to merkin, 2 merkins then up, 8 count) 4 reps 13.Straddle pullups (used parking barrier to pullup in reverse row 2 count) 16 reps

Rinsed with inch worm for 25 yards then frog jumped up hill 30 yards. Repeated Calisthenics with lightning round at half reps. Karaoke 75 yards, all out 35 yards, circle of side crunches 20 reps per side. Moseyed to the phantom flag.

COT: @uncle sam shared a little history about how many of the exercises/movements performed today were still in practice at the time he enlisted, also that the military discontinued then recently have returned these to training manuals. Brought some health intentions forward in prayer

Reminded that many men went through similar workouts in preparation for conflict and combat. We must not forget that we are freed to lead, but… FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!

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