Back-blast The Gladiator @ The Abyss 7/3/20

I hadn’t posted at Long Run Park since the pandemic hit. Upon arrival, I was quickly reminded just how awesome this AO is. It was refreshing to see the familiar faces, endless pavement, and one dim light near the basket ball court. I had my LED lights all in a circle and the PAX were hyped up for what was about to unfold.

Weather – was a steamy 70 degrees with no breeze.

PAX – Mr. Hat, Squid, Uncle Sam (R), Shark Bait, Stick Up, Backflop (Q)

We mosied 2 laps around the playground to warm up our legs.

COP – 20x SSH IC, 10x GG IC, 10 Toy Soldiers IC, running stretches and quad stretches

The THANG – 1x arm, chest, leg ladder AND 1x core ladder w/ 10x man makers between ladders + mosey around the playground and back. We worked the ladders down and back up.

Ladder 1 – 

50x Bicep Curls, 40x weighted squats, 30x skull crushers, 20x thrusters, 10x coupon swings

Ladder 2 – 

50x Big boy sit-ups, 40x flutter kicks, 30x American hammers, 20x LBC’s, 10x reverse crunches 

Mary – 20 or so gas pumps and then we stretched for 3 min because your Q was gassed.

We finished up by taking a much needed “breather” walk around the playground and circled up for some stretches.

COR, NOR, COT – I challenged the PAX to think of the “how and what” they can do to make our community and world a better place. Too often we think “why” is this happening and tend to dwell on that. Let’s take action and go out into our communities to be that bright light for everyone to see.

See ya! Backflop

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