BB-Pelican Q @ the Agony 7.9.2020

LaGrange road traffic jam as the County boys were waiting for a train to cross right at 5:26

Knew it was going to be a good morning when I got about 4 texts as I sat at the railroad tracks trying to get to the County. Seems I wasn’t the only one who was stuck. I was the first one thru and after I parked there must have been 8 other cars pulling in behind me. And then Gilly who has taken the fashionably late arrival title over from Holy Roller. Even Mama’s Boy was there before the Q which never happened in his 8 years of Agony site Q. In total we had 22 PAX ready to work.

Mamas Boy
Asian Zing (R)
Colonel Klink
Holy Roller (R)
Double Down (R)
Nutty Professor
Hush Puppy
Meter Maid
Bulletin (R)
Jerry Maguire (R)
Little Jerry (R)
Pelican (Q)

Solid crew there but you may be asking where Overflow was as were many in attendance. Well after his VQ where we defeated Drago! yesterday Hush Puppy told him to enjoy the rest of the summer. Man I wish I had a dad like that.

Anyways we grabbed coupons and head to the big lot for COP which included—Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers, Copper Head Squats, Michael Phelps, Kendra Newmans and then downward dog and stuff.

Then we got ready for Thang 1 which was Tabata-8 rounds 20 secs on and 10 off of the following exercises: curls (for Overflow cause we didn’t get to them yesterday), calf raises cause we never do those, bent over rows cause half of the PAX did those during OFs VQ even though we were supposed to be doing upright rows and lastly chest press just because. I’ve Q’d a Tabata workout but wanted to make it different so I got a new playlist—title was Taylor Swift & more. It really sucked and I had to stop it 3 songs in after hearing from Taylor, Biebs and Lady Gaga. I tried it Dauber’s way but not going to do that again. Switched to the b-ball playlist which now includes One Shining Moment thanks to Meter Maid. In my mind I had a montage of Tuesdays Q going which included many missed layups, Focker peeing in a field and PAX doing fade-away hook shots during rebounding drills. Man we sucked.

Enough of that. We then headed over to the edge of the lot for Thang 2 which was partner work. Partner 1 bear crawled up the hill around the school and chapel then lunge walked past the Nest and then ran to relieve partner 2. Partner 2 did 5/10/15 reps of V-Ups, coupon swings (except Klink cause he’s fancy and has a kettle bell) and then squats. Got that LEPEW???? Partner 2 did as many rounds as possible until partner 1 got there. I partnered with Tidwell who volunteered to do the bear crawl/run/lunge walk first in order “to get it over with”. Once he started I realized I should have told him we were going to keep do it until time so he actually was going to do that as many times as me if not more. Oh well I’ll tell next time.

Finished this with about 4 minutes to spare so we headed back for some Mary. I called 20 gas pumps first and then Focker who was to my left call the next exercise. Heard a lot of calls to go the other way as Holy Roller was next and he likes Mary burpees. Focker called flutter kicks and was on the same page as me as he went until about 6:14:45 with the exercise. Right when I got the word Holy out of my mouth it was time…

We finished with intentions and announcements. Main announcement was the County take over Friday, plan accordingly lots of good options.

Loved seeing the mix of old and new faces out this morning, looking forward to the next workout.


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