Back Blast Tuesday 07/14/2020 – Tour of the Boondocks

PAX: Focker, Holy Roller (R), Cochran, Le Pew, Backflop, WILDFlower, Geppetto, Dauber (Q)

The weather was perfect (low 60s, no humidity) as the PAX arrived and gathered in eager, almost giddy anticipation for their Boondocks tour.  I collected tour tickets, gave disclaimer (confirmed by PAX) with an extra reminder on keeping our distance, and we set out on our adventure.  As we moseyed down the parking lot, there was good mumblechatter and particularly with Geppetto who somehow burst through the St. Matthews bubble and moved out to the area (welcome brother!).  This was Geppotto’s first post at The Boondocks which was obvious when he asked…”where is Airplane?”  Ha…well…our beloved Airplane is truly an OG of The Greater County area, but he’s gonna need a reminder (and maybe a ride) to post at the Boondocks.  Yes Airplane…that is a challenge!

We stopped at the beginning of the parking lot bend and took a moment to take in the moon, stars and light on the horizon.  This is generally the darkest portion of the Boondocks in mid-winter, so is a perfect spot to start the tour and take in the view during a Planetarium workout.  COP consisted of  SSH 20x,  Grass Grabbers 8x,  Michael Phelps, Kendra Newmans, Downward Dog.

We jumped back on the mosey train and headed around to the concession stand which is undoubtedly the most infamous location at the Boondocks.  We generally do not talk about it, but I apologized once again for the PAX on the tour who were also at the inaugural Boondocks workout.  For those who do not know what I am talking about, don’t ask.  With a heavy uneasiness now in the air we got back on track quickly with a round of 30x Flutter Kicks IC and the First Thang – TRIPLE NICKELS…5 reps of Box Jumps, run , 5 reps of  Jump Lunges, repeat 5 times.  We finished off the concession stand tour stop with 20x Flutter Kicks IC.

We started to mosey down the dark and dangerous Boondocks cut through, but stopped right before stepping onto the treacherous path for a warning to the PAX as this path requires focus for the full length of the blacktop and has in the past taken out an F3 Runner.  Seriously, dangerous dropoff on the sides of the path….be careful.  Fructose turned his ankle really bad while running in the dark and carrying a 150lb curl bar over his head (part of that is true…heal up my man).  With that, we set out once again to our next stop, which was on the uphill slope of the parking lot.  I had already marked off with cones the exact stretch of pavement where during Focker’s VQ the monsoon rains changed over to an apocalyptic downpour.  The memories are vivid and there is no more perfect sight than Focker running with a 60lb ruck and no shirt while the Boondocks grounds took on 68 inches of rain in 30 minutes (I think it was a record).  We celebrated this historic patch of pavement with a round of 30x Flutter Kicks IC and the Second Thang – Bear Crawl 11s…Set of 11s (Merkins and Groiners) with bear crawl as the travel between cones.  Before we started I challenged the PAX to stay in the bear crawl stance for the entire set of 11s.  After about three times up and back I knew that was a bad idea, but somehow at least one in attendance accomplished the mission completely.  Hint:  it rhymes with Fucker.  Wait…that doesn’t rhyme…it was Focker.  Anyway, we finished again with 20x Flutter Kicks IC.

Legs were shaky but I don’t think anyone noticed because the stories were so engaging (I said to myself as we moseyed to the Boondocks pavilion).  The pavilion provided two historical moments. One was Le Pew who, in his quest to ensure everyone at The County could hang with Ice Man, had us do countless flutter kicks to end one of his Qs.  In honor of that we knocked out 30x Flutter Kicks IC and the Third Thang – Dips & Sits…alternated 3 sets of 25 Dips and 60 second wall sits.  Of course we followed that with 20x Flutter Kicks IC.

We wrapped up the workout with the Fourth and Final Thang…a lap around the 0.3 mile loop which has been a new addition to the park since we began our F3 workouts here.

Back to that second historical moment…I feel like the pavilion and the small tree right next to it are where the Boondocks truly became a special place for me.  When it was still Peggy Baker Black Ops we used to circle around that tree for COT in lieu of a shovel flag.  It was around that three one morning many months ago where I first heard Bulletin talk about his upcoming hiatus from the gloom in order to donate a kidney to his sister.  Bulletin is an inspiration to me not only for his monumental sacrifice but for his daily selflessness and leadership.  I cannot think of The Boondocks without thinking about the HIM who made it happen.

We circled up around the flag (next to the tree) for Count-arama, Name-arama, Announcements (CONVERGENCE!!), Intentions, and a final Prayer.

Thanks for a great morning and new memories boys.

– Dauber

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