BB – Vincent B-day Q @ the Rooster.

I could not sleep last night.  I woke up at 2:15 and tossed and turned until the alarm went off at 5AM. It was not due to “Q” anticipation, I have Q’d enough to not even think about it.  It was not because of B-day anticipation either.  Lord knows I have had plenty of them as well.  Maybe it just because I am old ??  Who knows, but I digress.

18 HIM’s including 3 – 2.0’s and an FNG joined me for the celebration (see attendance report).  FNG duly named Motor Boat informed us he has a friend who is pretty ate up with F3.  His name is Diablo, but said Diablo was not present.  He was probably at some remote location Q’ing for the 15th time this month.  Oh wait, today is only the 14th. How could I forget – it’s my birthday.

Quick mosey around the church and we circled up for COP.  We started with SSH’s in cadence.  I thought about doing 53 for my age, but I was facing Tiger directly and I don’t think I could have watch his unique form for that long so I cut it short.   Next was Downward Dog with some stretching, merkins and wrapped up with Copperhead squats.   Thang 1 – we grabbed coupons and went back up to the parking lot.  We completed 20 overhead presses, 20 curls, 20 upright rows and 20 tricep merkins on the coupon.   That was followed by a sprint across the lot, 5 burpees then back and this was repeated.  Next set, 20 squats with coupon, 20 bent over rows, 20 dead lifts and 10 staggered merkins on the coupon – 10 right and ten left.  Of course this was followed by 2 sprints across the lot with 5 burpees each time.  Each of these cycles was completed two times.

Coupons were stored and we moseyed around the meditation path to the soccer fields.  I was asked twice if I knew the rules about the fields.  I don’t so we kept going.  We circled up for a Merkin / shoulder tap Webb with 1-4 ratio.  We stopped after 8/32 and switched to some Mary work, Freddy Mercs, flutter kicks, pretzel crunch and DaVincents.  As I called for the PAX to get back into Plank, Deuce deduced that we were going to finish 9/36 and 10/40.  He was correct.  Once the Webb was completed we moseyed the rest of the way around the loop towards the parking lot.  On the way I noticed and small corral for ponies.  Someone said it was for gaga ball but I have no idea what gaga ball is so I think it’s for ponies.  It would have been nice if someone would have gotten a pony for my birthday party 😦   Or if Buschhhh would have shown up with some PBR coffee unless Tureen is still hording it ??

We circled for name-o-rama and came up with Motor Boat as the name for our FNG.  He rows – no motor.  I finished with intentions and wrapped up with a prayer.  I am thankful to start another year with a fine group of HIM’s to keep pushing me along.  Until next time, SYITG.

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