Back Blast Monday 07/20/2020- North Posh Countdowns #beastmode

Holy crap it was hot and humid this morning.  Props to the 8 PAX who joined me at North Posh, particularly since the pre-blast was clear that we would be running hills. 

I got to South County pretty early, but Stormtropper was already there. It has been a while since I had seen Trooper ITG so this was a great start to the morning. The rest of the arrivals were uneventful until Cochran rolled up with his muffler dragging. “Muffler dragging” is not an F3 term as far as I know…Cochran’s car literally sounded like the muffler was about to fall off. Prayers up that he made it back home. 

PAX:  Meter maid, Viking, Nutty professor, Motorboat, Cochran, Flip flop, Pelican, Stormtrooper, Dauber (Q)

0530 struck and disclaimer was given and acknowledged…including extra reminder on distancing. We stayed at the top lot for COP…SSH 40x (last 20x double time);  Grass Grabbers;  Kendra Newmans;  Michael Phelps;  Downward Dog; Mountain Climbers IC 10x; Plank Jacks IC 9x; Groiners IC 8x

Decent mumblechatter in COP as we talked about the back blast…or maybe it was the pre blast. I have been wanting to run this workout at NP for a while and the timing was perfect as it had a mix of themes from my convergence station and a Q I ran a Vets the week before. Yea, I know no one else really cares but I write these back blasts largely for me anyway so you’re gonna get my inner thought process some times. 

We stayed at the top of the main NP hill for the Main Thang – Burpee Countdowns:

  • Countdown of exercise reps starting at 20 reps, then 15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps (50 total reps in a “countdown”)
  • First exercise reps at top of hill, then run down the hill to the bottom for second exercise reps as you countdown  (20 reps of exercise 1, run , 20 reps of exercise 2, run back, 15 reps of exercise 1, etc.)
  • During the run, every time you pass the car pull off about midway down the hill stop and do set of burpees (both down and back up the hill)

As I was explaining the main thang and giving some instruction on staying safe to avoid incoming cars, Viking straight up just walked off to his car. So, we were down to a total of 7 PAX plus me now as we started down…no, wait a minute…Viking is back… he just needed to grab some gloves when he heard me say burpees.  I’m not sure if Pelican had gloves on or not, but it didn’t matter since he doesn’t really do burpees very well anyway (Fact check:  I randomly made a comment a week or so back that Pelican doesn’t do burpees well.  Not really true, but I am sticking with it for now)

We started on the first set of Countdowns:  Reverse Crunches;  BBSUs;  5 Burpees each time down and up the midway point 

And from that point on there was little to no mumblechatter as the NP hills are a killer. I did get to talk to Moterboat who I just met this morning as he was crushing one of the hill climbs.

Flip Flop was killing It this morning and led the pack throughout the morning which was particularly impressive since he was carrying his keys the whole time. And I don’t mean like a key fob. He had a full set of high school janitor keys to open half the doors in Metro Louisville. It sounded like Cochran’s ride rolling up each time he stopped for an exercise and dropped them on the ground. But like the champ he is, he battled through each time hoisting the keys back over his shoulders like a 50lb chain to run on to the next stopping point. It actually took me and Cochran a few trips up and down the hill hearing the eerie clanging to realize it was keys…Cochran had just assumed Flip Flop was wearing his wallet chain which actually might make more sense than hauling your keys around for the full workout. 

After a couple of trips up and down, the PAX fell naturally into two groups which worked out well to keep pushing each other to battle up and down the hill. I said this later in COT, but extra props to the guys that are not regular runners for kicking ass on the hills. Hill running both sucks and is awesome at the same time…at least that is what I tell myself.  

After wrapping up the first set, we only took a quick break to catch our breath as we had to hit it hard on the second set to finish on time  Countdown Set 2:  4-count Flutter Kicks; 4-count American Hammers;  3 Burpees each time down and up the midway point.

I love F3 and the way the PAX push each other to get better and I appreciate it most when trying to fight through fatigue at the end of workouts. This was the case today as the earlier finishers circled back to pick up the six and we hit the top of the hill as a group right at 0615.

We circled up for socially distanced COT- Count-arama, Name-arama, Announcements (Monthly ruck, Qs open at NP coming up…Meter already grabbed next week!, and lots of great Qs this week), intentions, and final prayer. Way to get after it this morning boys! -Dauber

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