7/21/2020 Back Blast BO Ruck Ops@Bayside

In to the fog…went Shuttlecock (R), Charolais (R), Fanny Pack (R), Birdie, Slugger 2.0, Firing pin 2.0
, and Slide Rule (Q). Each equipped with the ruck and weight of their choice little did they know about what was to come…

We rucked need the coupon stash at Bayside and circled up for 10 merkens and 10 squats then warmed up more with Side-shuttle-hops and hillbilly walkwalkers (both 20 in cadence). 10 grass grabbers in cadence. 3 cobras on our own. Back to WO.

Corner #1: We completed ruck swings and American hammers w/ ruck (20 each). Rucked to corner (~1/8 mi).

Corner #2: chest pass, ruck curl, dead lift. Then alternating hands suitcase carry to next corner (~1/8 mi)

Corner #3: overhead press, flutter kick, pickle pounder. Do walking lunge for 180 ft (to sign), ruck to next corner.

Corner #4: high ruck pull, ruck clean and press, tricep press, bridge (was not very effective as a ruck exercise.

Returned to corner #1 and did 20 manmakers, 45 sec barrel hold with ruck and legs up, 20 v roll up with ruck, 30 hillbilly walkers in Cadence (double time). WO done we then finished with stretching: arms across body then overhead tricep. Legs to one side then the other for hamstring then turned one foot forward one back for hamstring then bent front leg and sent other back for hip flexor, did a groin stretch, then reversed the order on the other side. Then did the sumo wide squat stretch with elbows pushing knees out.

Fanny pack then mentioned that if you ever get lost to drop your drawers because women always show up outta nowhere when that happens

Finished with some 15 sec calf holds in downward dog and a cobra. Then we returned for COT and realized we were drenched…From the fog we emerged better than when we went in.

Good times! -Slide Rule

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