Diablo BackBlast for Temple of Gloom at The O 7/23/20

Q: Diablo

PAX: Krillin, Pine Cone, Violet, Flo Jo, Kilo, Tony Malito, Diablo

I used the Q privilege this morning to give the PAX an opportunity to check in on some physical fitness tests. These weren’t graded as pass/fail; rather, I found standards set by the Army Ranger Assessment Program, the National Institute of Health, and some random dude on the interwebs. The standards we sought to achieve weren’t to get the heart rate up a little, but to push past a comfort zone, see where we excelled, and, most importantly, learn where we could get better. Here’s what we did:


SSHs (20 IC)

Flutter kicks (20 IC)

Plank Jacks (20 IC)

Copperhead Squats (10 IC)

Tempo Merkins (10 IC)

SSHs (10 IC double timed)

YHC then hit play on the Rocky soundtrack for some work. This was all “you v you” this morning. We didn’t report scores or results. So with a few exceptions, I’m not going to do that here. But, all present absolutely got after it!

For the first two tests, Merkins and Big Boys, we used standards set by the Army Ranger Assessment Program.

For the Merkins, the standard to be met was 58 full-rep (no just bending your arms shit) Merkins in 2 minutes. If you’re keeping your form, this ain’t easy.

After a 2 minute rest, PAX put coupons on their feet for Big Boys. The standard here called for fingers to be locked behind the head, with the goal set for 69 in 2 minutes. Violet destroyed this with 81. That’s elite by any standard! YHC failed this one, realizing at about rep 35 that I’d been cheating in past workouts – keeping fingers locked behind your head and your feet locked in place is, um, a little different. Thus, I’ve something to work on!

The PAX earned a 2 minute rest here for some solid mumblechatter.

Next up – Burpees. The goal: 30 in 2 minutes. Again, not up-downs or shit YHC normally does – actual burpees. I don’t know who did what here, but the PAX were all in good form, and no one stopped until that timer sounded.

It was then a 1 minute rest, to jump right into testing our Squats. The standard: 50 Squats (full squats!) without stopping. Not timed, just OYO 50 straight squats.

The PAX then went straight to the next test: Plank (2 minutes). Based on what some guy wrote on my computer screen, planking for 2 minutes is something to strive for. I’ll say this, it wasn’t easy.

After a short recovery, the PAX grabbed coupons for coupon curls. I just made this one up. The goal was 50 strict curls in 2 minutes. After doing it, I don’t know where it put us, but that kinda sucked.

PAX then lined up on the tennis court sideline for a 3/4 run down to the other end, across all 5 courts, performed 5 burpees, and then an “all you got” sprint back to the beginning.

Fully winded, PAX grabbed coupons to finish with:

Coupon Flutter Kicks (10 IC)

Coupon American Hammers (10 IC)

Coupon V Ups (10)


PAX finished at the flag for NOR, announcements, and intentions. It was a great morning, and we all did things to a level we wouldn’t do on our own. As always, thank you for allowing me to be a part of THIS.


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